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Laura Hartman – The GenReview  “It has been a long time since I read a book in one day. I literally could not put down this book. Multilayered characters with an unusual and interesting plotline kept my interest from the first paragraph to the last page.”

Lexi Blane has a pretty good life as far as seventeen year olds are concerned. Her parents love her and she mostly likes them. Her gorgeous boyfriend William is as crazy about her as she is about him. The only fly in the ointment is the fainting spells Lexi has been experiencing. To make matters worse, she thinks she must be developing some sort of mental illness because she is beginning to hear voices that no one else can hear.

The undiagnosed fainting spells and mysterious voices ruin the surprise island vacation her parents and William planned for her. After fainting, then experiencing odd dreams, she wakes up in a hospital to find she was only dreaming the vacation and her reality is more of a nightmare. What is the truth? Did she really dream the vacation? If so, why does she have a scar from a cut she remembers getting there. Is she dreaming the new life she woke up to? Could both of them be connected and real?

When she begins to reacquaint herself with old friends, something seems out of sync. Then she begins to dream of meeting each night with William, whom everyone says does not exist. Lexi can’t tell friends from enemies or who is lying and who is telling the truth. Something mysterious and possibly magical is happening to her that she doesn’t understand it. Even worse, she may not survive it.

Author Jacquelyn Castle’s bio states she worked in finance but has written stories since she was a teenager. She has dozens of incomplete manuscripts sitting on her computer waiting to be finished. It is our good fortune that she listened to her inner calling and followed her passion for writing magical stories. The Dragonfly Prophecy is her debut novel, and we can only hope she is typing feverishly right now if her other manuscripts in progress are as good as this one.

Tracy Farnsworth – Kids’ Book Reviews by Roundtable Reviews –  “It’s a mix of romance, paranormal, fantasy and suspense rolled into one. It’s a marvelous read. Jacquelyn Castle is definitely an author to watch.”

Anyone who’s read my reviews knows I tend to have an issue with paperback books that cost the same as a hardcover. (There is a less expensive Kindle version available for those who own a Kindle.) Given that, many will find it surprising that I’m going to recommend getting a copy of The Dragonfly Prophecy. I wasn’t expecting to love this book, but that’s exactly what happened. The beginning of the story sucked me in and I simply could not put it down. I’m glad last night was a repeat episode of Criminal Minds because otherwise I would have been torn between my favorite show and reading a book that I found impossible to put down.

The story revolves around Lexi Blane. Apart from fainting spells and horrible nightmares about dragonflies, she’s having the time of her life. She’s fallen in love with a young, very rich British guy during a trip to England and William’s on his way to meet her and her parents. From there, they’re all going to fly to the Caribbean for a much-needed vacation. It’s during this vacation that things go awry. Lexi suffers another fainting spell and this time she struggles to come back out of it. She hears snippets of her parents and William discussing things that make no sense, but for the most part, everything is a blur.

Lexi wakes up months later and discovers something equally shocking. Worse, no one has ever heard of William, yet Lexi is convinced he was real and not just a trick of her mind. As she tries to sort out reality from fantasy, she trusts in the friendship of a classmate who swears he understands and is like Lexi. With Chace by her side, Lexi hopes to make sense of what her true destiny involves.

I don’t want to go any deeper into the plot because there are things the reader simply needs to learn first-hand. I definitely found myself hooked by the writing style from the start, and that’s saying a lot considering fantasy really isn’t my favorite genre. At times, I’m not really even certain that fantasy is the best way to classify this book. It’s a mix of romance, paranormal, fantasy and suspense rolled into one. It’s a marvelous read. Jacquelyn Castle is definitely an author to watch.

The Dragonfly Prophecy is for teens. Lexi is just finishing high school, but there’s no subject matter that readers in the latter years of middle school and early years of high school should avoid. If parents worry about sexual content, drinking or violence, you won’t find it here. Many parents, like myself, will find the story enjoyable and hard to put down.

Zealot Readers  – “Through the story Castle emerges as a powerful storyteller with a knack for putting sudden unexpected twists in the writing that leaves the readers enthralled.”

The Dragonfly Prophecy, by Jacquelyn Castle revolves around a 17 year old, Lexi Blane, who has a near perfect life with adoring parents and a doting boyfriend. As destiny takes a jerk, she realizes that it is all an illusion and her actual life is far from perfect. In a bid of self discovery, she finds an old friend Chace Preston who loves her to no limit. Torn between her far from ordinary real life and the seemingly perfect other world, where her parents and boyfriend live, she struggles to keep a balance. Lexi’s life takes another sudden turn and exposes the harsh realities and the big lies of her love life. Through the story Castle emerges as a powerful storyteller with a knack for putting sudden unexpected twists in the writing that leaves the readers enthralled.

The novel, through its interesting storyline, tries to give a number of good lessons for life. Just like the fact that we all have been bestowed with numerous wonderful gifts, all we need to do is to identify them and perfect them. Also, that life is not always as it appears to be.

Lexi’s life resembles a great deal with J K Rowling’s Harry Potter. Both are stories of orphan kids who had special powers but did not know until they were told so. Both had had admiringly affectionate parents, were now living at their aunt’s place and had friends play a huge role in their lives. The ‘Facility’ and the ‘Commission’ in this book bear a stark likeness with the ‘Ministry of Magic’ of the Harry Potter books and both were kept as a secret from the normal world, ‘muggles’ of the latter and ‘norms’ of the former.

Overall a pleasant and a clean book, an interesting pastime read.

Reader Views  (Reviewed by Madeleine Sullivan (age 17) for Reader Views) – “The plot was intricate, well-crafted, and compelling. Castle kept twists coming that kept me reading far too late into the night.”   

“The Dragonfly Prophecy” by Jacquelyn Castle is narrated by Lexi, a 17-year-old with a perfect life. Lexi is highly intelligent, has loving, caring parents who (mostly) don’t smother her, and she is dating handsome, rich, British William who is taking Lexi and her parents on a surprise getaway to a tropical island. Well, Lexi’s life is perfect apart from her frequent – and worsening – fainting spells, her horrendous dreams of dragonflies, and now she’s hearing voices.

Then, perfect turns on its end. She gets stuck in a fainting spell. While coming in and out of her coma, she hears William and her mom and dad discussing “finding the right person” and yelling, with worry in their voices. Next thing she knows, she’s awake and nobody remembers William and she supposedly doesn’t remember the accident.

“The Dragonfly Prophecy” involves super powers (yes, super powers as in flying, and shooting lasers, and invisibility, and teleportation, and fighting), dual worlds (not parallel exactly, but co-existent), romance, and mystery. Castle has crafted a believable and creative universe for her story to take place in.

The plot was entirely unpredictable. The only thing I successfully predicted was the happy ending, but I had no idea, throughout the entire novel how that would happen, or, for a large part, what it would look like. The plot was intricate, well-crafted, and compelling. Castle kept twists coming that kept me reading far too late into the night. The ending was maybe a little quick, and I didn’t feel that the Evangeline subplot was fleshed out, but these are minor irritants in a largely well-done book. The largest fault I found was that the romance often irritated me – particularly with William – as the plot progressed. However, I am often cynical and unromantic, so that dig might just be me.

Overall, “The Dragonfly Prophecy” was a well-written book with good characters, a multi-layered world and plot, and good writing. I would recommend “The Dragonfly Prophecy” to anyone looking for an original and well-done fantasy novel.

What’s Hot?  Books.  – “I’d definitely think that this novel has been overlooked and should be given a lot more credit. It is a brilliant and unique story that had me gripped from the beginning to the end and I simply could not put it down.”

I wasn’t really sure what to make of The Dragonfly Prophecy when it first landed on my doorstep as I had never heard of this novel before, nor did I have any preconceptions. When I first saw it, I thought this book was all about dragonflies. It is not. Whether or not this is a good thing or bad thing is for you to decide, but, I repeat, The Dragonfly Prophecy is not about dragonflies. It is; however, about 17 year old Lexi Blane who seems to be living the perfect life. She has a boyfriend who adores her and parents who’d do anything for her, but there’s just one problem – Lexi has sudden and inexplicable fainting spells. In addition, she has odd dreams when she’s unconscious, or maybe reality is actually just a dream and the dreams are reality. Lexi’s life is turned upside down as she is suddenly thrust into a war between two worlds, reality and the alternative reality, but first she needs to figure out what’s real and what’s just a dream, who she can and cannot trust, and most importantly – which side she’s on. Two guys, from different worlds, are fighting for her affections and whilst she’s in love with both, she knows she has to make a choice; however, one of them is lying to her – but which one is it? Lexi’s life quickly spirals out of control as she finds out she is, in fact, ‘gifted’ with special abilities and with these abilities comes a long list of responsibilities. She soon realises that there may be other forces at work in her life, was it fate that she survived the fatal car accident that killed her parents?


Lexi’s list of questions gets longer and longer as the story goes on and all is revealed in a dramatic finale. I’m quite happy to say that I actually could not predict the ending to this novel and that is what drove me to continue reading. Teenage fiction can be very repetitive these days with story after story being published when really the plot lines are all the same, but The Dragonfly Prophecy is truly unique.

The book is narrated from the point of view of Lexi herself and so we are really immersed in the story and feel like we are living life through Lexi’s eyes. I think that the character of Lexi is absolutely spot on and she feels acts and speaks exactly like a 17 year old teenage girl would. For this reason, I’d say that The Dragonfly Prophecy will probably appeal more to girls than boys. Lexi’s character is continuously developing throughout the book and so is the plot and this keeps the story fresh and interesting throughout. There is a sense of mystery and suspense surrounding both William and Chace – the two love interests – and the reader is left completely in the dark as to their true intentions right until the very end. There are lots of twists and turns in this novel that I wasn’t expecting even though I knew to look out for them!

My only criticism of this book is that I did not see the relevance of the title for a very long while and even after I had understood the connection between the title and the content I did not feel that this was the most appropriate title. Both the blurb and the title suggest that this book is all about dragonflies, when in fact it is not. Personally, I don’t believe the symbol of the dragonfly plays a big enough role to justify the title of the novel.

I’d definitely think that this novel has been overlooked and should be given a lot more credit. It is a brilliant and unique story that had me gripped from the beginning to the end and I simply could not put it down. I’d definitely recommend this book to fans of ‘I Am Number Four’, as there are similarities between the ‘gifted’ ones and the people of Lorien; however, the story lines are still completely different.

Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  KPer0811 – “I found this a truly suspenseful story. So suspenseful, in fact, that I read it in just a few hours, and by the time it was over, my hands were shaking.”

This novel, entitled The Dragonfly Prophecy, is a wonderful tale of a seventeen-year-old girl named Lexi Blane, who is struggling to survive in a world which is both her own, and somewhat foreign to her, after waking from a two month coma. But thats impossible; she was in the Bahamas with her parents and her boyfriend, William, while everyone says she was in the coma. But, as her aunt says, her parents are dead, and no one knows anything about William. As her aunt takes her in, Lexi sees William in her dreams every night. He explains the truth about her parents death, himself, and an alternate universe. Aided by her best friend, Chase, who explains what William happened to leave out, like Lexis superhuman abilities, Lexi sets out to live with her parents and William, while Chase tries to convince her to stay. Getting caught up in an evil scheme for the dominance of two worlds, a captivating love triangle with two men who arent who they seem to be, and battling bad guys with super powers, Lexi Blane makes an amazing journey in The Dragonfly Prophecy.

It got interesting right away (about page 16), I got engrossed quickly. I found this a truly suspenseful story. So suspenseful, in fact, that I read it in just a few hours, and by the time it was over, my hands were shaking. The incredible story line and action will leave you refusing to put it down. The memorable characters are amazing, and I wish they were real people. Jacquelyn Castle writes powerful messages in the story, and although some are more difficult to understand, they get through. The Dragonfly Prophecy is one I’m telling all my friends to read.

Readers Favorite (Tara T.) – “I felt as though I were watching a movie. Ms. Castle did a great job of mixing mystery and adventure into her book.”

“The Dragonfly Prophecy” is a wonderful book for young adults that takes you on a journey to another universe!! As we begin the book and meet Lexi we are taken on an adventure into another dimension. As we get to know Lexi, her friends and her loves, we are taken through the mystery of why and how to travel to this unknown place. Lexi is torn between two mystery men. Who really knows what is best for her? We are pulling for Lexi to make the right choice in boyfriends and to become a superhero with her “gifts”. We get to know all sorts of “heroes” with special gifts.

Ms. Castle has written a very tasteful adventure for young adults. The main character is very likeable and realistic. I liked the fact that the reader is brought into Lexi’s world and we learn as Lexi learns about her “gifts” and what this alternate universe is all about. I felt as though I were watching a movie. Ms. Castle did a great job of mixing mystery and adventure into her book. I appreciate that Ms. Castle kept the characters honorable. Teens and preteens need role models that can be respected and Ms. Castle does a fine job of making these characters respectable and likeable. I would have enjoyed this book as a young adult and would feel comfortable recommending it to the young adults I know. I can see it as part of a future series of books with Lexi being the star of many future adventures.

Books – Treasure or Trash  – “I was engaged right up until the final conclusion with what was going happen and how Lexi was going to resolve her conflict. There was plenty of action and the plot line was well executed. If you are looking for something different in this genre, then I recommend you try out this new author.”    

Lexi is an average teenage girl, with the dream life until she discovers that in fact she is very different and things are not what they appear.  First she wonders what is wrong with her, why does she keep fainting?   Then things soon start coming apart. Before long she realizes she has super powers and she needs to come to turn with what is happening to and around her.

The Dragonfly Prophecy is Jacquelyn Castle’s debut novel.  It is a contemporary fantasy, but instead of the usual vampires, etc, the heroine has super-powers. The setting is on today’s earth but it also includes an alternate universe and the story alternates back and forth.  The story is told in the first person narrative with the voice and thoughts of the main protagonist, Lexi, a 17 year old girl.

The story was interesting and kept me guessing right up until the end. The story centers around her conflicting love between two boys, each in a different universe. As the story unfolds, we get a feeling that one of them is not who he says.  The story is a good effort by a new author, but I felt that some of the writing was forced. I would have liked to see more adjectives used to describe Lexi and her friend’s communications other than shrieking and yelling. I found that the ending seemed to be cut a bit short and the whole episode revolving around Evangeline seemed forced. This book is a good Young Adult fiction with an original concept in contemporary fantasy.