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Will there be a sequel?

Yes! Three books are planned in the series and the second one is almost finished! I know what will happen at the end of book 3 and I’d bet my dog (ok maybe not my dog, how ’bout a signed book instead?) that you’d be shocked.


What inspired you to write the Dragonfly Prophecy?

I was having one of those days that anyone with kids, or who even knows a kid, can relate to. Conflicting basketball games, a science project due the next day (that I only heard about a few hours earlier), the dog barking at the plumber, and I still couldn’t find the car keys. I blurted out, ‘this is not my life.’

Later on, when the house got quiet, I started to think about what it would be like to wake up and find that your life really wasn’t your life. That’s where it started, and well, you know where it ended up.


When did you discover you wanted to write?

I ALWAYS wanted to write and, in fact, always have. It just took me some time to dig up the nerve to send one of my stories to a professional in the publishing world. I’m so happy I did. Maybe becoming an author was my destiny.


What inspires you?

My family, the ocean, the smell of fresh coffee at my local Barnes & Noble, people I meet on the subway. Just about anything can plant a seed in my head. It’s when the seed grows and hogs my brain that I whip out the computer and start spinning a tale around it. That’s one of my favorite things to do since I can create whatever world I want for my characters.


When and where do you write?

I write mostly at night, although I record most of my thoughts when I’m driving (or waiting) in the car. I also keep a notebook in my purse. When all of my motherly duties are done (are they ever really done?) for the day, I type everything on my computer. In the nice weather, I write outside – anywhere! My deck, the beach, even a big rock will do! The rest of the year I write wherever there’s a fire, and if I’m lucky, a nice view.


What else have you written?

Lots of Young Adult novels although many are in the draft stage and still need revision. I’ve also written some Adult Sci-Fi and Fantasy so be sure to look out for those too! Almost everything I write deals with the supernatural, but I’ve also written a medical drama – of course there’s a fantastical twist!


Will you sign my book?

I would love to! Check my website and become a fan of my Facebook page. There you will find where I’ll be and when. I hope to see you soon!


Any advice to up and coming authors?

Yes. Don’t give up! You’ll never know what you could’ve done if you don’t stay the course, even though it does get bumpy at times. Most of all have faith in yourself, enjoy what you do, and don’t forget to live your life with the people you love while chasing the ones in your dream.