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Welcome to the official website of author Jacquelyn Castle.  Have a look around and don’t forget to take a peek at the first chapter of The Dragonfly Prophecy.  Be sure to follow Jacquelyn on Facebook and check back for book signings and updates often!  Happy reading!!!


The Dragonfly ProphecyIt has been said that dragonflies are symbolic of imminent change:

~ Dreaming of one signifies that life is not what it appears to be.

~ Dreaming of a swarm denotes dark stains of guilt on the soul.

~ Dreaming of ingesting one means that one is devoured with a passion that needs to break free to the surface.

I ignored the dragonflies that haunted my dreams.


Seventeen-year-old Lexi Blane believed she was the creator of her own destiny.  With a brilliant mind, a flawless boyfriend, and parents who would stop the earth from spinning for her, all was going according to plan.

But when her perfect world unravels into one she doesn’t know, it reveals the painful truth of her love, trust, and entire being.  In the struggle to find her true self, Lexi learns she didn’t create her destiny – it created her.



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